Anonymity Online

Is the Dark Web legal?

Using the Tor browser is not prohibited by law, and illegal actions on the dark web are criminally punishable, regardless of the level of anonymity.

Despite anonymity, communication with a cybercriminal can have consequences for an ordinary user. The well-known arrests of the owners of the popular trading platforms Silk Road, Alpha Bay and Wall Street Market highlight the risks of participating in illegal activities.

You also need to be careful when downloading files, as any downloaded material can infect the device with malware. The user should make sure of the reliability of their cyber defense. However, many users of the dark web are highly qualified specialists who can easily circumvent basic security measures.

The History of the Dark Web

The origin of the dark web begins with the U.S. Navy Research Laboratory (U.S. Naval Research Lab). Onion routing was created for anonymous communication of people in the intelligence community, researchers and journalists.

The Dark Web continues to be a valuable tool and means of information exchange around the world. Some consider the Dark Web necessary for freedom of speech, maintaining a free press and the work of law enforcement agencies.